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Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding Machine

Elmec offers two types of economic and reliable solution for Injection molding machine controller.

0P2228 series is basic full function controller comes with various standard programming option. OP 228 is user friendly full function and cost economic controller for small and medium size machineries, it can be used with CC3500 and CC4000. This controller has 5.7" Blue/White LCD with menu selection keys, Regged Alpha numeric keyboard and mode selector key with LED indicators, Manuel buttons with LED indication will give us easy monitoring of the sequence, Also user can monitor the sequence in graphics display on the screen.

OP3500 is higher version injection molding machine controller for medium and large machineries. 0P3500 is cost effective, it can be used with CC3500 and CC400 with 5.7" Color LCD with menu selection keys, Rigid Alpha numeric keyboard and mode selector keys with LED indicate sequence of machine can be followed very easy by these red LED light provided in manual bottons also in graphics display in the scren.

Elmec has wide experience on making heaters for Industrial and domestic application, We design and manufacture standard type heaters and as per customer specification suitable for their application. Our heaters are made with perfect selection of superior quality raw material to work for longer life time with higher efficiency.

We make Tubular heaters, Immersion heaters, Ceramic and Mica Band heaters, Hot runner heaters, Manifold heaters, Low medium and High Watt density Cartridge heaters, Cast heaters and falt heaters

Application: Plastic processing industries, Chemical industries Rubber industries, Textile industries, Pharma industries, Food processing industries and etc.,